I just can’t

This morning I woke like any other day, nothing different.

My husband gets up and starts getting ready for work like any other day…

He was driving our truck to work because I had a doctors appointment today.

He goes to start the truck and quiet as a mouse.

It wasn’t starting. UGHHHH.

But that’s not what this post is about…

I get coffee, take some of my morning medications…

Dogs get let outside to do their business.

Then I go to sit down for a few minutes.

Then I go to check my facebook.

I get a notification that someone had commented on one of my posts.

The comment wasn’t a bad post but it was the fact of who it was that commented.

It was my abuser’s mother.

That brought back a slew of emotions with every word. Like I said it wasn’t a back comment but for all I know the comment could have just been trolling me. But I don’t know what her purpose was for even commenting on my post!

I told my husband, texted my daughter, and texted another good friend of mine venting telling them what had happened.

I wanted to talk to my momma so bad. She would have helped me.

It has bugged me all freaking day long.

All she said was “keep up the amazing work you do God Bless and then posted a gif saying I love you.

Now I did tag my daughter, my husband and my good friend in the post. It was a pair of shoes with dogs on them.

I posted it telling them I wanted these shoes because they were so cute.

I just don’t understand. Like why… I have kept my distance. I don’t mess with them and damn sure want them to stay the fuck out of my life and my son’s.

Now that my daughter is grown, she has to decide who she wants in her life. That is something she will have to find out for herself.

But my son is and will always be off limits.

I feel like it was an attempt at trying to get me to respond.

Ughhh… I just don’t know what to do or say at this point. I am confused.

Do I leave it be and just not respond to her or do I respond to it and if so what should I say?

Is he doing it just to get a rise out of me?

I’m honestly stuck……..

I could really use some help because my brain is going in circles.


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