Cooling Roll-on

I was sent several items for a review.

Now I normally use my Massage Melt or Muscle Rub.

But since my neck fusion and latest
back surgery on Dec 29 I needed a little more pain juice lol.

So now was the perfect opportunity to try some new products.

This was a roll on so that was a definite plus since I don’t want to get the product on my computer keyboard.
Even with medication I still hurt, pain meds only take the edge off for me.

The roll on has more cbd in it than my massage melt and muscle rub.

Freeze Travel Size Pain Relief Roll-On

I used it on my neck, back and ankle (injury from 1999)

So far so good. Like my muscle rub it also has a cooling effect.
It hasn’t taken all of the pain away that my medication didn’t cover but
it has taken care of I would estimate at 65% of that pain.

Now this is day one of using it and will use it when needed.
I haven’t tried any of the other products they graciously sent me but will
offer my honest opinion of them when I do.

One of them being CBD gummies and I have never tried cbd gummies before so I don’t know what to expect,
so if you have tried cbd gummies before let me know how you liked them.

Have a great day!

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