Which is it?

Well…. my dad passed away at first by a heart attack and now was told it was instead an aneurysm.

The death certificate has not be signed off on as of this morning because for whatever reason, all 4 of my step siblings all have to physically be there to sign off on it.

Why the eldest one can’t do it by himself I don’t know.

Thankfully my aunt (technically step aunt) lives in our state too but closer to Tennessee and came over to help my eldest step brother.

My stepbrother is going through cancer for a third time and this is alot on him. This cancer he has this time is treatable just not curable. I need to find the name of it again.

Since I am not blood related there isn’t anything the state will allow me to do.

We had to wait until two of the other siblings came from upstate for this to get done.

So please send your good vibes this way so we can all get through this.

I am so tired of everyone around us passing away….

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