What Title?

Originally posted 2019-12-30 07:38:22.

Yeah, I wasn’t in a mood to try to figure out a fitting title this morning.

As I sit here waiting for my pain medications to kick in I was just thinking.

Though that’s hard for some of us natural blonde’s 😉

It started in 2017. My husband lost his grandmother so we went to Tampa to be with family. To celebrate her life, the matriarchal legacy.

Even though I knew my bio dad was on the decline it was still unexpected. To watch him pass was so painful for me. Granted we did not have a loving father daughter relationship but it was still hard.

Then like a ton of bricks my momma, 7 months, 7 days and almost 7 hours she left this world. – Oh how I miss that woman so very much –

I needed to talk to her. I needed to hear words only my mother knew how to say. To hear words of comfort only she knew how to say. I can talk to her urn and wonder what she would say to me but we all know it’s not the same.

Now… to this. To my beautifully innocent yet getting into everything baby boy nephews.

What you brought this world was joy and alot of cleaning. The flour residue will forever remind me of your presence. You were just too young to know what you meant to us. You have a spot in our hearts no surgeon could remove.

Death doesn’t get any easier when they come back to back. I just pray there is a bigger purpose for all of this. I take comfort in telling myself CJ and Tey were called home because God needed them for bigger things.

Please say a prayer as you celebrate New Year’s. A prayer for peace and love as in our world nothing is forever.

Death is inevitable here on Earth but live eternally in the kingdom God.

At least this is what I take comfort in believing.

❤ For Granny ❤ For Dad ❤ For Momma ❤ For CJ ❤ For Tey

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