So here it is. The start, the beginning. Although I am a bit unsure how to do this so bear with me. I have been told on several occasions that I ought to ”write a book” about our lives. I am not beyond sharing our story I just don’t want the ”wrong” attention. You have people who are always going to be the skeptic, the non-believer, the supporter, etc…well I guess it comes with the territory.

You put your lives out there to be subjected to everyone you are bound to get people who just don’t give a shit or don’t believe it. That’s fine. I have proof for the non-believers. But you know what…this isn’t about them, it’s about who we are and who we are able to possibly help by telling this.

Now here is the problem. Since I have had a total of 7 mini strokes and one stroke I have a slow progression of memory loss. So if there is ever a post that seems a little out of date… trust me it may very well be. Please don’t focus so much on the dates as the events. I honestly rely a lot of my daughter who is able to help me with the memory. In no way have I asked some of the people in our lives their permission to be part of this story so I will either change the names or just put some sort of symbol.

I don’t want to profit from this so that is not the reason for this. I just need to tell my story, our story, our lives and what we have gone through to someone when I am not sitting on a couch while watching a doc or therapist give me an emotionless look. I dedicate this to the people who gain some type of freedom along the way.

Dusty and Kayla


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Originally posted 2014-03-18 17:34:02.