The Big C

Originally posted 2018-06-06 11:13:07.


As I sit here looking of inspiration for each keystroke I hold back tears. The normal daily routine of getting my son up to take his medications doesn’t stop for anything. Hearing the words in my head over and over… CANCER

My mother has beaten colorectal cancer just a few years ago. Her body still trying to recover from the chemo and radiation. Then having to have her arteries bypassed because of multiple blockages. On this medication or that medication because of swelling, allergies, or interactions. Small windows make things harder to treat. Narrowing her options with each diagnosis.

Losing my father less just 6 months ago still sits in the back of my mind. It was painful but the distance between us and the lack of an emotional relationship honestly made it easier to bear. But the day I lose my mother…. who has been my rock for my entire life.. that is something I am not sure how to handle.

I know there is something positive in every situation and I pray to God that the positive in this is that there is a definitive cure.

My mother has been going back and forth to the doctor for the past year. Her iron has been repeatedly low to the point she needed iron infusions. They have checked her thyroid, cancer, blood, and everything else they could think of that could be the cause. She was recently hospitalized, again, this time for kidney stones. She has been losing blood somewhere and until now didn’t know where it was going. She has had to have blood transfusions as well. They went in and found some leaking blood vessels and cauterized them. So far so good. Some of the kidney stones passed some haven’t and the doctors are worried she can’t do it alone. While they were doing one of many tests they found the cancer.

They found a mass on her liver and an even bigger mass in her lungs. Her doctors were surprised and are trying to figure out where the hell these came from because they have done tests all year and nothing was found before. These are rather large masses that would have had to be there before now and would have had to be seen on film. They went back over her old films looking through them with a fine tooth comb seeing if they missed something. They have gone out of their way to apologize to her because they feel as if they missed something.

As I type this she is getting them biopsied. This was a definite blind side. I hope and pray that there is an answer for this and that they are able to figure this out.

I will update as soon as I know anything more. If you pray, please add her to your prayers. – Amy – We’re raising money for Canine Cancer Research! Shop Now!

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