Butt Burn

Originally posted 2021-09-29 13:13:24.

Ok, today I had my 2nd session of the laser hair removal on my under arms/armpits.

Not bad at all. It doesn’t feel bad. Now in all fairness my hair under my arm is already thin so I am not sure how it would be for someone that has more coarse hair than I do.

Today I had my first session of what she called bikini not brazilin because she didn’t do the entire area.

My main concern was the areas I have issues with because of the hidradenitis suppurativa.

It has been about 4 hours since I had it done.

So far it feels like I have a sunburn in the areas “down there”.

My under arms don’t feel like anything and they didn’t feel any different the first time I got it done.

I am hoping this helps with my flare ups but it remains to be seen.

I am trying the ketamine infusion tomorrow to hopefully help with my chronic pain.

I will post what my experience was like afterwards.

As far as the hair removal, so far so good.

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