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black widow

This morning my husband went to get his motorcycle riding gloves to prepare to leave for work. I hear him ask me to come here. I get up and see what he needs. He asks me, “Is that a black widow spider?” I state first off that I thought it was. Then I proceed to get my phone to take a picture and ask a few people if what they thought it was.
The thing is..he was literally getting ready to put his hands in the gloves and go. If he had not looked twice I imagine the spider may have bitten him going down the road. I am thankful because had it bitten him going down the road it may have caused him to wreck. He sent me a message after he got to work telling me that he was paranoid the entire ride to work and had it not been as chilly as it was he would have stripped and shaken his clothes out. I could have imagined the look on the rest of the guys at work wondering what the heck was wrong with him. He even put on a pair of plastic gloves before he put on his riding gloves just in case. We shook out the gloves, looked inside them the best we could with a flash light and he even smashed the heck out of them before he put them on.
Hopefully nothing was in the gloves…well it had been I assume that whatever it was may have been dead at that point but, better to always be safe than sorry.
The thing that baffles us both is that the gloves were in his saddle bags. He had just come out of the saddlebags yesterday evening when he got home from work. He rides his motorcycle almost everyday to work as long as its not storming or something severe. He does this for one to leave me our vehicle since we have so many appointments and if Dusty were to have a seizure that required more than just rest and I needed to take him to the emergency room then I would have the vehicle here to do so. Plus, it saves money on gas by him using the motorcycle.
He may not be one of those die hards that are in clubs but he sure loves to ride like the rest of them.
Since he has been out of the Marine Corps he has begun to look more the part because he has yet to shave and has taken on a new persona because of the beard. The hair on top of his head is one color and the beard is more reddish brown. I have had people say he resembles Red Fox but to me, well, still looks like a rough teddy bear because he may look and act one way but has been known to be quite a softy too. For better or for worse he is still my husband.

james and I

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