SWAT Affirmations

It’s a lazy overcast Sunday afternoon.

I can’t seem to keep my eyes open from being so exhausted.

I guess going through menopause isn’t something for those of us that have things to do lol.

So I find something new to watch on the ole boob tube.

I started watching SWAT with Shemar Moore the other day. Yes, I know it isn’t exactly a new show.

I spend alot of time working on my computer so I sometimes try to watch something that doesn’t exactly grab my undivided attention.

I’m watching season 1, episode 18.

Shemar’s character, Hondo, goes to visit his dad and finds out his dad doesn’t need to live by himself anymore.

His father I guess abandoned him, his mom, and his sister when they were younger. ( I hope my memory is staying intact to recall all of this, lol)

His dad didn’t want to go and in order to convince him Hondo gets blunt with him

He pretty much tells him that he is taking responsibility of taking care of his father unlike seeing his father not take care of his responsibility when they were young.

I thought about what was said and then thought to myself that no matter what, some of the things, good or bad, we go through in our lives it molds us into who we are today.

For him he saw something his father did wrong and vowed to not be that type of man when he got older.

Things we go through can make us look at things with a different pair of lenses.

Sometimes those lenses are a bit clearer than others but it’s the heart behind it that decides what to see.

Yeah, I know… who would’ve thought a cop drama on a Sunday would come to such realizations.

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