The month of blur

Originally posted 2017-12-05 14:09:25.

This past month has seriously been a blur. It’s been a little more than a month when I think about it. If you go back to October when I had my mini-stroke so that’s almost 2 months. Geez…

Biological father passed away on November 14th. Dusty and I had gotten up early that morning to make the trip to see him when the so-called girlfriend called me to tell me he had passed away that morning at 4:20am. Bittersweet moment…. as much as we didn’t really get along I still didn’t like to see him like he was. I mean dying of dementia is freaking ugly. They aren’t the same person. My father didn’t even look like the same person.

It’s still hasn’t really sunk in he’s gone…

I met with the funeral home the same day he passed. In some ways I wanted to see him. Someways I didnt.

He has now been cremated and his ashes in urn waiting patiently in the fire safe vault at the funeral home directly across the street from the cemetery where I will be placing him. I have to wait until I am cleared by the surgeon.

November 21, surgery…. anterior posterior colporrhaphy. To make matters even more wonderful it’s now infected. I am still unable to drive and don’t know if the original timeframe needs to be extended since I could bet the healing for me to drive hasn’t been reached due to infection. So…I’ll just grin and bare it 😁

I’ve never had to bare the responsibility of handling burial/cremation arrangements much less dealing with the legal issues after someone passes. I have already had a few “words” with the “girlfriend” and I can bet those won’t be the last. Since I am the one that signed his death certificates I am the one that had to pick them up or delegate someone to do so. The day of my surgery she is texting me about the death certificates. She wanted me to let her go get the death certificates. 🤔

Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. I still have them. I wanted to hear from my father’s lawyer. I called and left a message for him a couple weeks before my father passed because I wanted to know if there was anything mentioned in the will pertaining to his wishes at death. Needless to say he has yet to return my call. The only contact I have had from him at all was an email from someone in his office last week.

Real personable huh? I mean no sorry for your loss, nothing… So…now at this point he tells me he needs 3 of the 5 certified death certificates.

Ok…no problem. Now…that day is today. We will venture that way. Contemplated making an appointment but don’t think he’d even be there so just going to have to take our chances and see what happens.

There are alot of things I want to say, even just to vent, but can’t do that just yet. So many unanswered questions. Not just for me but for other family members on my father’s side.

I am trying to find the artist who created such an awesome picture. It says “Theda K” in the bottom right corner of the painting or picture. Haven’t been able to determine just what it is.


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