One-eyed Willie

Originally posted 2022-01-12 09:00:19.

I feel like I look like One-eyed Willie from The Goonies.

I’m home from my tear duct bypass surgery from yesterday.

From what I remember I only had one issue.

My blood pressure.

It was upwards of 180 over 100 something and they couldn’t get it down.

I was hurting so I imagine that’s the culprit.

They gave me more medicine in my IV twice and still didn’t budge my blood pressure.

So the nurse ended up getting some kind medicine to get it to lower. I think he said a blood pressure medicine but don’t hold me to that as I was still drugged up 🤣.

Weird that it would act like this. I don’t ever remember any of my surgeries having an issue with my blood pressure.

My daughter got my husband to check my blood pressure at here at home a couple times yesterday.

When I finally left I had to put my coat over my head the entire way home.

The sun was hurting my eyes. Well my one eye. 😉

My current situation

So now I am kinda stuck til my husband gets home from work.

My truck is in the shop to get the idler pulley replaced and my husband has our other car/suv.

So fingers crossed I don’t need to go anywhere because I won’t be able too lol.

Not to mention I wouldn’t be able to drive yet.

I can take off this packing later on today.

But can’t get the area wet. I will have to start putting the medications in and around my eye once it’s off.

They placed a stent in the corner of my eye which will remain in place for a few months.

My last bypass (right eye) they placed packing inside my nose. I don’t remember if they put a eye patch/packing over my eye or not.

This was a different surgeon. The surgeon I had for my other one has retired so we had to find a different one. There aren’t very many surgeons of this kind. Well at least not around here.

So it took a little bit of research to find another. Even the person that handles referrals for my primary doctors office wasn’t aware of the type of surgeon/doctor needed.

She was trying to send me to an ophthalmologist instead of an oculoplastic surgeon.

I just got a call from the doctor’s office checking on me.

So now I just have to chill for the rest of the day.

I can keep at least one eye on my son, lol.

Have a great day!

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