Only one I’ve ever known

I lost the only father I have ever known, my children lost the only grandfather (or better known as Pa to them).

I am going to say he is now reunited with my mother.

I haven’t even come to terms with my mothers passing and now this.

I feel hella guilty because I haven’t even been able to return to my mothers house since she passed and now this.

I feel left behind.

My momma, my brother, my biological father, my step father….

I have my step brother who I am the closest to as he lived with us growing up.

I have my aunt, my mom’s sister and her two children.

On my father’s side I have my aunt and her son.

Outside of that those are it.

I have 3 additional stepsiblings, 2 sisters and another brother who grew up with their mother.

I was the closest to my mom, step father and step brother.

But it feels like all I had, have is now gone.

I have a freaking headache the size of Texas and well I’m sleepy just not tired.

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