Don’t remember part deuce

So… I was talking to my daughter.

Not sure how we got on the subject but it is what it is.

We were talking some of the things that occurred while we were in Las Vegas and California.

She was asking me if I remembered some of the crazy shit that happened in Vegas. Of course… I didn’t.

I really wish I knew why I don’t remember things.

Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t remember. Maybe it’s not. I don’t know…I just know I don’t remember.

The time I told you about the guy I had dated that was in a gang I didn’t know of and tried to kill the guy in my apartment.

Well… after that happened we were kidnapped and taken to his momma’s house.

I have a faint memory of being in a ladies home with him but barely.

Now I know who that was.

My daughter told me it was because I knew what they did.

My kids weren’t allowed to go to school and we weren’t allowed to leave the house, at all.

She said that last day when that all went down I had decided I’d had enough and was risking it all and tried to leave.

The three of us (me and the kids) were I guess in my car when he pulled up and seen me trying to leave.

She said the cousin’s girlfriend dragged me out of the car.

She said then he took his belt off with the hard belt buckle like he was going to beat me in the middle of the parking lot.

And if you read the previous part of this story you know how that ended.

I still don’t know how I met the lady we ended up in California with but I’m sure my daughter will tell me if she remembers.

I just didn’t remember we had been kidnapped. I guess that’s what it’s called when it is against your will lol.

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