Why is the VA claims processed so long, complicated and unfair?

My husband is one of many having to deal with the long drawn out process of filing claims through the VA. I am not understanding why it takes so long for them to process these claims efficiently and fair to the veteran. I realize they have had to try and save funds money but it shouldn’t be on the backs of the ones that put their lives on the line. I have seen a lot of veterans that truly should have received more of a compensation that they did receive. Which honestly scares me for my own husbands claim. He can still work but has limitations that effect his ability to do his job. Because he has yet to see a doctor and it has been addressed it has exasperated the issues. He is already beyond stressed from the way he was pushed back into the civilian work force and the problems that came with his decisions to stay employed in the military and turning down benefits he would have received if he had not have chosen to stay in. This was something he was unprepared for because everything he had done to that point were done to stay in the military. Then for them to change the course of his career without giving him the chance to change anything.

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