Circuits Overload

Originally posted 2019-05-22 11:23:54.

This was a post from 2016 that never got published lol

Have you ever felt as if your circuit board is on overload? Like the wires, connections in your body’s circuit board is on overload and at risk of burning out? Well that is where I am this week. James’s been at home because the employer he was working for did not get awarded the next contract for the job. So, the new employer is said to be ”standing up the team” …slowly I must say. Needless to say I wish they’d figure out what they are going to do because it isn’t just James at home, there are a lot of his co-workers now not working because of the new employer. Let’s just hope they figure out who they need and don’t need because these guys aren’t in the normal “hurry up and wait” modes. They had to do that in the military but this doesn’t count. But soon enough most will likely find other employment. James has been looking at taking some classes for other trades that he has interest in so which ever comes first. Doesn’t make things any easier but we are ok for now.

Dusty’s  vagus nerve stimulator has been increased three times to date. They have to slowly increase the settings to reach a more therapeutic level based on his seizure activity. We have to see the neurologist every 2 weeks for several months until we reach that level. James…still working with the sleep apnea stuff. The one thing that frustrates the hell out of me is that he has yet to see the doctor who did the sleep study for the testing of sleep apnea for a follow up appointment. He has gone back to the Fayetteville NC VA hospital for them to check his read outs on the cpap machine to make sure it is doing its job. Funny because the lady said to him, “now I can’t tell you to shave your beard but it is going to affect the way your mask fits” ( Sort of summed up what she said ).  James looked at her with this really blank look on his face and said nothing. But I know in his head he was thinking something totally different, lol. If you know any veterans that have gotten out of the military and haven’t shaved since and  refuse to then you likely know what I mean.  Saying they have issues is like barely icing a cake. Then again I am no saint.  I don’t pretend to be either.

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