Inoperable mass

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As we were headed back to the NC State Veterinary School to pick up Charlie we get a phone call.
“Inoperable mass on her brain stem”
She is staying there tonight as she was still recovering from the anesthesia.
After my medical procedure, Dusty’s psychiatrist appointment and Chewy’s follow-up appointment tomorrow we will head […]

Holding on

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I know we are gonna lose her. She is going down way too quick. Her appointment is Monday with the specialist.

Loosing my bio father then my mom and now Charlie isn’t sitting well right now. I am shaking just typing this.

She only ate a little and I had to give it to her on […]


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So my husband calls me while at work so we handle a VA related doctors appointment. While on the phone he tells me he found what looked to be an arm or leg of an animal.

Raccoon? Cat? We are both not sure what it belonged to nor where the rest of the body was.

Anybody […]

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Suprised blessings

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As you know Chewy had to have surgery and I started the GoFundMe for the surgery.

Well let me tell you what happened.

We go the day of surgery and get ready to pay at least $1200, I hand the lady my card and then she gives it back to me. She informed James and I […]

Blessed times 3

By |November 29th, 2018|Family|1 Comment

Within the span of the past month and some change it seems it has been non-stop around here. The newest pup, Chewy had his surgery in November to reconstruct his knee/leg in order to stabilize his kneecap. It kept sliding off to the side of his leg and then back to the front. It […]

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