Saorise’s Turn

It’s official!

Saorise completely tore her ACL in her right hind leg.

So it is her turn to get the same surgery Chewy got.

We are waiting on an official date for surgery as the veterinary surgeon was called up for jury duty.

Hopefully the case she has jury duty on isn’t one that is long and drawn out and will be quick.

But if it is then it what it is.

Saorise will have her medicine to take in the meantime.

Plus I can give her cbd on top of it if she needs it.

We have noticed her having a harder time when she is climbing up on one of the stacks of dog beds.

We tried to make sure they are comfortable and have taken note of the commercial dog beds not being as soft and supportive over time. I ended up stacking 3 of them during the day and when it is time for bed we take 2 in our bedroom for Saoirse and Chewy.

They end up sleeping in our room at night so that they aren’t able to walk around the house as much.

In hopes of them not working their leg as much.

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