I have been MIA

Originally posted 2020-07-07 15:38:23.

I have been MIA for a reason.

I apologize for not posting but with everything going on around us it is hard to just login to the computer some days.

I have been getting daily headaches, not sure why.

Today the headache seems to be centered in my forehead region along with nausea.

Maybe it’s just the change in the barometric pressure, maybe not.

It rained earlier today and now it is just overcast.

We had ALOT of fireworks this past couple of weeks and I am glad to see they chilled out some.

I had to go to the vet’s office to get more medication for all four of the dogs.

Max was beyond scared. Saoirse ran and hid under our bed, Duke was chill once the medication got into his system and Chewy was so-so after the meds.

I purchased some CBD oil for them but it didn’t arrive until Monday so a wee bit too late, lol

I will use the CBD oil and see how it works on them. Hopefully no more fireworks for a little while.

I love my country, my freedom, and my dogs.

If you’d like to help our mailing address is Carter Family PO Box 533 Richlands NC 28574

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