It was one furry day

Originally posted 2020-09-04 09:00:37.

Like father like son 🤣
A man and his dogs

It is now official, the two strays have been added to our already furry family.

They had their veterinarian appointment yesterday and got their shots, rabies, etc.

Bowie (aka heavy chevy ) still has some growing to do 😳 it’s crazy that he is 10 pounds lighter than Chewy it’s hard to believe.

Bowie has a skin infection on top of allergies of some sort. Funny… this dog must be Irish 🤣

Bowie and dad

The doc looked at my husband and told him Bowie didn’t have the natural melanin in his skin like he does 🤣🤣🤣
So now we have to limit his sun exposure. I asked if there was a dog sunscreen and the doc said if we came up with one we’d make some money lol.


We have an appointment set for Leia (the female stray) to get fixed asap since neither are fixed.

The vet said she needed to be first asap. So we scheduled it. Plus are on a waitlist if they have a cancelation they will call me and get her in.

Max had his surgery and they took a benign mass off his back paw as well as the doc explored inside his mouth and throat. Max has been eating on one side of his mouth. Unless he has a bad tooth deep down. We may choose to get him a dental x-ray but for now we are going to try giving him a rimadyl (for pain) to see if that helps.

Max prior to surgery

We have to monitor him due to nose bleeding. He feels like Max was thrashing so much he may have ruptured something. Even with the pre-surgery sedative he wasn’t exactly calm.

Aging has not been his friend it seems.

If you are interested in helping my mailing address is Carter Family PO Box 533 Richlands NC 28574

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