Originally posted 2020-09-12 17:36:51.

Late last night Leia went out to use the bathroom.

On her way back in something happened.

As she walked in the house further she spilled more blood.

She bled the rest of the night while my husband and I took turns watching her.

I called an emergency veterinary clinic but the person I spoke with didn’t exactly give me that comforting feeling everything would be ok.

So first thing this morning I called our normal veterinarian and left a message explaining the nights events.

They called me as soon as they opened and told me when to bring her in.

She was spayed on September 4th, just one week ago.

The doc wasn’t 100 perfect sure what was wrong as he even admitted to being stumped.

He mentioned she may have a uterine stump infection. I ask is this common after being spayed?

He said he has only seen it three times in his 40 year practice.

She wasn’t too thrilled with the doc examining her but it needed to be done.

As you can she the look on her face she wasn’t happy.

For now he has put her on antibiotics and instructed us to monitor her closely. We are to leave the pamper or something to catch any bleeding or discharge. If that gets worse we let him know asap.

If she becomes lethargic, or worsens at all we call them asap.

He did mention if need be he would go back in surgically to see what exactly is going on.

She’s not out of the woods just yet.

Fingers crossed the antibiotics do the trick!

If you are interested in helping my mailing address is Carter Family PO Box 533 Richlands NC 28574

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