What the hell just happened?

Originally posted 2020-09-25 16:33:14.

Yeah that’s what we said after last week.

For certain reasons I have to leave some info out.

Ok, so you know we had 2 extra pups we recently found as strays.

Well, last Monday I received a message with a screenshot of a post on a local community facebook page. It was by a young lady stating that their dogs had gotten loose about 2 and half weeks prior to her post.

Now, the pictures of the dogs she posted sure looked like Bowie and Leia but we were questioning the timeline knowing we found them the morning of August 15th.

It had already been a month when she posted it. So first off I needed to discuss this with my husband and second I wanted to call my local animal shelter and talk to them. I had already contacted my vet’s office and asked one of the lady’s that knew we found them as strays and that knew our situation.

She suggested calling the animal shelter. So I tried calling the animal shelter but the office was closed that day and I needed to call the next day.

Next thing I know I get a message via messenger from the girl (and her boyfriend) that posted she lost the dogs. I didn’t respond to her because I needed to talk to the animal shelter first. Now if they were legitimately their dogs we had no problem giving them to them. Our problem was with their timeline. The fact that we did lost/found report with the county, and that we had already gotten Leia fixed. We weren’t sure what we needed to do to protect ourselves.

So, that evening someone rings the doorbell. There were two men and one woman outside. My doorbell camera caught it the moment they rang the doorbell. For over an hour they repeatedly knocked and rang our doorbell.

My best friend, who lives across from us, approached them and told them no one was home.

I recognized them as the chic in the photo and her boyfriend. Who the other guy was we didn’t know.

Anyway, the way they kept on and on was a bit threatening so my bff had to end up calling the police. Which took them forever to come. In the meantime they continued to knock, ring the doorbell and walk around our house and property.

I had been with my daughter that day at doctor’s appointment.

Even if I had been at home the way they continued I would not have come to the door by myself.

My husband was at work and my bff’s husband wasn’t home either.

The cops came and spoke to them as well as my bff.

This was ridiculous. I mean, who the hell or how they found our address is unknown.

We ended up taking them to them animal shelter the next morning. My husband sent the both of them a message telling them that the manner in which they handled the situation he felt it best to take the dogs to the shelter and let them handle it through the county.

I hated that we had to take them there but it was the best thing to do.

We took them to the shelter along with all their medication and their vet records just in case they needed them. We explained why we were surrendering the dogs so that when supposed owners came they knew why.

Then Saturday we get a call asking if we wanted to adopt them as they were now available for adoption.


Leia was available Saturday but Bowie wouldn’t be available until Tuesday but they would reserve him for us if we wanted him also.

We headed up their Saturday to adopt Leia and did find out that the previous owners surrendered them. I am not sure why they surrendered them but we were allowed to come get them and that is all we cared about.

Bowie was fixed Monday morning and we headed up there Tues for our appointment to adopt him too!

Now we have both, officially ours.

Unfortunately, Bowie has kennel cough.

So, we went back to the vet’s office yesterday for the doc to check him out and was given more medication and instructed to keep them seperated.

We had gone the day before and got the rest of them the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine just in case.

Now they are all at home, chillin as usual while Bowie is in his little sectioned off area of our living room. Side note: I need a bigger living room because having less dogs isn’t an option lol.

Fingers Crossed that we don’t need to call the cops again. Hopefully all this mess is over.

If you are interested in helping with these babies my mailing address is Carter Family PO Box 533 Richlands NC 28574

Leia seemed exhausted on our way home
My nephew and Bowie
At least not my home

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