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What day is it?

Chewy is still off and on about eating.

It almost seems like his stomach hurts and he only eats when he gets hungry hungry.

After trying to get him to eat his food he just laid on a bed and left the food in front of him.
He normally is eager to eat his fish oil capsules but this morning he seemed like he just wanted the oil out of it
Just cooking the chicken in water then going to shred it up for him. May or may not add to his food to see if he will eat it.
Fingers Crossed

The vet’s office called me yesterday and told me his labs had come back.

He is mildly anemic but they aren’t sure why yet. The urine hasn’t come back yet so maybe that will give some answers.

He has a sedated xray scheduled for Monday morning.

So I am going to cook some chicken breast for him to at least eat something since he is taking medication for diarrhea.

I am trying to think positive cause damn I can’t do this if he has something really bad.

Hopefully whatever it is it is easily fixed.

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