Well SHIT!

Originally posted 2021-06-01 15:00:56.

This past weekend turned out to be one I’ll remember for a very long time.

It started out where Saturday morning we picked up my husband’s dually pickup truck after the tires had been installed and the inspection had been done.

We left and went to the gas station, got 10 gallons, just enough for now since he had a few things he needed to work on before he drives it back and forth to work.

We start the journey home.

I am following behind.

I start to notice what I thought may have been smoke. I thought maybe since the tires were just installed it could have been some sort of friction.

We are steady going up the road when I noticed it a little more.

So I start to call my husband on the phone.

He couldn’t hear me for some reason so I hung up and tried again.

I was yelling at the phone in hopes he could hear me.

We pulled up to a stop light and turned left.

Then my husband made an immediate right into a Family Dollar parking lot.

I pulled past him in the parking lot to wait for him as he was checking under the hood.

He thought it may have been overheating but…

All of a sudden FLAMES!

If you recall I have an slight anxiety when it comes to fires.

Yeah, panic attack! I asked him should we call 911. Then I said fire extinguisher and then he ran into the store to ask if they had one. He ran back out with one in his hand and let her rip!

He had to spray it a few times to get the fire out.

I ran into the store and purchased some chewable baby aspirin as I could feel my chest but knew it was a panic attack but just wanted to make sure.

I call my bff and was well crying lol. She knew something was wrong just by the sound of my voice.

I told her James’s truck was on fire and then I am not sure what else I said but I ended up giving him the phone.

She started coming to help us.

We had to put the truck on the trailer to get it home.

It melted the gas line and he found a zip tie to tie off the rest of the mangled line.

There are a few other things it melted as well.

We still don’t know exactly why it happened but I was done for the foreseeable future, LOL.

Purchased some kitty litter to soak up the gas.

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