Ok… warning for some this may be too much info for your liking.

So… here I go.

In the past couple weeks I have been having issues with several things.

My left leg, groin, butt cheek, and top and bottom of my left foot.

Then all of a sudden I started having issues with my bowels and bladder functions.

My pain management doc had previously told me that if I had any changes to let her know asap.

I had taken my son to the doc that morning for bloodwork and spoke to my primary doc about it.

She told me to go to the ER. I left that office when they were done with my son and went to my pain management doc’s office to see what she wanted me to do.

She also instructed me to go to the ER.

I left there and went to the ER. Checked in at 8 something in the morning.

I saw triage and they ordered an MRI but… the problem was that they didn’t order the bloodwork since the MRI was with and without contrast.

HOURS GO BY… before they called me again.

I finally got a room about 2 that afternoon.

The emergency room doc comes in and I was his first patient on his shift.

He ordered the bloodwork.

Then my nurse shows up and funny thing was I was his first patient on his first day on the job.

He gets IV in after 3 tries.

They finally did the MRI and I got back from MRI right as my husband got off work and came and got my son.

Hours again go by… the nurse gets off his shift, I’m still there.

Still waiting… then the ER doc comes in and tells me he had to call the radiology dept person who reads the MRI because they looked at the scans but didn’t do the report on them.

Then he tries to get in touch with my surgeon and couldn’t.

They found a 4cm pocket of fluid in my spine and aren’t sure what it is.

I had to see the pain management doc that next morning anyway so I knew she would contact my surgeon directly and see what they wanted to do.

I FINALLY left the hospital at almost 11 pm.

Still no answers but the MRI was done.

I sat in the ER and didn’t ask for medications because I knew how that would look.

I didn’t want to seem like a drug seeker even though my pain doc said it would have been ok to ask for some.

Well… anyway…

I just know at this point I would just like to have this numbness gone and my bowel and bladder functions go back to normal.

I mean have you ever had your butt sore from trying to poop yet can’t hold your pee?

yeah… not good feeling at all. I guess it could be worse.

Like wtf… it is frustrating!

I just don’t get it.

Meanwhile I am still doing physical therapy and then the surgeon is watching me closely as they don’t have an answer for what is going on.

Maybe someone reading this could relate. I am hoping so.

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