Simplicity is overrated, isnt it?

It’s now 2016. Who would have ever thought we’d see these days come and not be in flying cars like the Jetson’s cartoons. It seemed so doable back them and to now look back on just how far we haven’t come, it makes one wonder just what our future really holds.

Time went so fast in the last month of 2015. December came and went in a flash. Maybe it is because we wanted more time to spend with family and we were having fun. But it is now another day and Kayla is now officially off to boot camp/basic training. I have to learn the Army lingo so I don’t get mean looks come family day and graduation. But then again James may yell Ooorah  instead of their Hooah. That would be hilarious to us but to Kayla at an Army base and during graduation I am pretty certain she would momentarily be embarrassed. At least until she knew who said it. Then she may change her tune. I mean she is first and foremost a devil pup, offspring to the Marine Corps devil dog.  In the end, no matter the branch we still support her no matter what. She’s definitely got what it takes to succeed. Her ambitions remain in place. She just had to change her methods of transportation.

We had a pig picking/cookout/family and friends get together to celebrate the holiday, New Year and the beginning of a new chapter for Kayla (and us all). Nothing over the top but as many southerners we didn’t fall short on food. I have a tendency of making too much food versus not enough. In the end we still had plenty even after sending people home with goodie bags. The only negative thing was a cake we had ordered that absolutely failed to deliver. My mother picked it up and the lady looks at her and says, “I can tell you’re disappointed”.  At that point it was too late to get another. I mean I could have done better with the writing on the cake than they did. The cake started cracking within an hour and well…majority of it got trashed. It was supposed to be camo pattern on the instead and then buttercream frosting on top. No camo on inside, this is their version of the camo and well that’s chocolate frosting.



All in all we had a good time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and most importantly we were all there in support of Kayla and her journey.

Dusty  will have a tough time adjusting to her absence. It is a bit different to her being gone to college or just a couple hours away. He could talk to her on a daily basis, video chat or at least some sort of communication. This will definitely be new territory for all of us. It’s one thing when it is your husband and another when it is your daughter. It’s only been 5 days and we have many more to go. Looks like snail mail will be our friend once again. To see a letter in the mail will be our next highlight, well at least one of them.


And James says “men don’t cry”


No words can caption this


Glad I had no makeup on


kacey and kayla

Kayla had some visitors when she got to Oklahoma, Kacey, who is also a devil pup



mil quotes



We will be busy in the days to come so maybe that will be some distraction for Dusty but I doubt enough to really make a difference in her absence.



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