A little piece of mind in a world full of what if’s

If you have read all my posts you may recall when I mentioned something about Dusty and him almost getting on an ice cream truck. Kayla kept him from listening to the guy that was trying to get him on the truck.  As a parent things like this terrifies the hell out of me. Well, you would think anyone would worry about someone kidnapping a child, even more if it’s a loved one.  What would you do in this situation? Would you take precautionary measures to help you if the unfortunate like this could happen? If your child has special needs like mine and can wander off then you likely know what I mean. My son is very trusting and if he knew you before, per say like the young man from Chicago, Illinois who reportedly knew one of his attackers from school.  When I heard what happened to that young man I could literally picture something like it happening to Dusty.

All someone had to do would be to act like his friend and he’d go with them.  It was a safety concern even when Dusty was transitioning out of school and him getting  a job as a Walmart greeter was suggested. Someone could ask him for help or say mom, dad, grandma or sister needs him for something and he’s gone. That’s one of the issues we have with Dusty and him working out in public settings. I mean he did work at the military exchange on base but he was also not alone and all safety issues were addressed prior to students working.  I’ve given thought to even getting him a cell phone.  But if someone convinced him to go with them or he wandered off we had the possibility of tracking the cell phone’s location. Only problem where that comes in is if the phone was broken, thrown away, battery taken out, etc. There was no guarantee that the cell phone would stay on his person.

There was also the time that we were at my parents house and we all were hiking through the woods around my parents house. Dusty somehow got separated from us and for a bit we lost him. We could hear him as we kept telling him to keep talking to us but we physically could not lay eyes on him. That scared us all.  The world and it’s people are not as kind, loving, and caring as they used to be. You could send your child up the road and not have to worry like you do today. How I wish parents, grandparents, caregivers didn’t have to take precautions like we have to do today. Even in small towns where you know everyone.

The what if’s are in my world where Dusty is concerned have more relevance than in most. But as anyone with a child, adult, or loved one with special needs I am sure you know what I mean. What could give you a little piece of mind knowing that in any given moment of their day you know where they are?

I think I’ve mentioned that I used to worry every time I would see an ambulance go by when Dusty wasn’t with me.  I would always call the school or wherever it is he was at the time to make sure Dusty was ok (or Kayla but it was 99.9% of the time for Dusty). If I couldn’t get ahold of someone and could not find out if the ambulance was going where they were then I have been known to follow them. Just to make sure it wasn’t for either one of my children. To some folks you may think, “chill out lady”  I guess I can understand why they would think that. But put the shoe on the other foot for one minute and you would likely see why I feel this way. I do not have the same level of anxiety as I used to for ambulances. Fire trucks, well that is on a whole other level. [sce emoji=”giggle”/]

Thankfully we found something that does give us that little piece of mind. It is a gps tracking device that you put on your child/adult. It is called Angel Sense .

[sce emoji=”target”/]See all your child’s locations, routes and even transit speed

[sce emoji=”target”/]Get GPS updates every 10 seconds with Runner Mode

[sce emoji=”listening”/]Listen-in to make sure your child isn’t being bullied

[sce emoji=”listening”/]Hear what’s happening on the bus, in class or anywhere your child is

[sce emoji=”waiting”/]Know when your child is getting home

[sce emoji=”target”/]Follow your child’s route home on the real-time map

[sce emoji=”waiting”/]Never again waste precious time waiting for the bus to arrive         

      You can find the apps on


Or you can view via the web from a link provided from Angel Sense

www.angelsense.com/blog/3-resources-for-military-parents-of-kids-with-special-need resource for-military-parents-of-kids-with-special-needs






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