Why does it hurt

Originally posted 2019-02-16 18:29:30.

Can someone explain to me why this hurts so freaking much?!

I watched the man who I share his DNA, who may not have been a father but he was my father.

Then 7 months or so later have to watch my mother, the woman who brought me into this world, carried my through this world in so many different ways.

Who I miss more than life itself. I want to just talk to her, hear her voice, even if it’s just to fuss at me… I don’t care!

Now having to watch the only other female in this household aside from my daughter. I can’t say why me. I can’t ask God why he’s taking them from me.

This hurts so bad. 😭😭

In one way I want Charlie to just go ahead and pass over that rainbow bridge because it’s so hard watching this. It’s like watching my momma and my bio father deteriorate like they did.

My momma went so quick but my bio father lasted a bit longer. Even though towards the end he went within a matter of a few weeks.

Someone please. I’m struggling here.

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