This is true

This is so true.

I look at people who are in my age group and see how some of them are and wonder just how and why they are the way they are.

Now don’t get me wrong, they could have gone through a trauma. Or what may have been traumatic to them.

Not everyone can handle trauma the same way.

Some of us take that in and it embeds into our souls waiting for the day to release and when it does it may not be pretty.

Some of us use it as motivation.

Some of us act as a permanent victim and seem to think they can’t move past the trauma no matter what they do.

Some of us turn it into a dark sense of humor and sarcasm, laughing at inappropriate times and others look at them as if they have no soul. … Look lady … we have a soul. It was just burned with acid and gasoline while the arsonist chose to stand there pleasuring themselves into oblivion.

As for me… that’s up for interpretation.

Life isn’t and will never be a ride at an amusement park that you get an unlimited pass for.

It’s the entire park, filled with fun houses, haunted houses, clowns, zombies, where they wait for you in the end and ask does your ass hurt yet.

Enjoy your day before someone else enjoys it for you.

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