This is bullshit

This was not how I wanted to start my week after Thanksgiving.

My husband calls me on his way to work to tell me that the truck told him to immediately turn it off.

SO… he pulled over right before entering the base to go to work.

It said oil something.

I called my bff’s hubbie and got him to get up and go get him and then tow the truck to the dealership.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning… I had a doc appt at the hematologist.

The truck was supposed to start getting diagnosed.

I had a loaner vehicle from the other dealership since my Telluride had been at the dealership since before Thanksgiving.

They were supposed to be replacing the sunroof since it somehow broke months ago and we had been waiting on the part to replace it.

Not sure why it has taken so long to replace but it’s whatever. We didn’t do anything over Thanksgivng.

We attempted to go to Golden Corral but then when we pulled up to the building we noticed how long the line was to get in the building we said…NOPE. Not today so we went to Waffle House.

It was mediocre but enough to make a turd.

I go to the doc yesterday morning to find out why my body isn’t storing the iron like it is supposed to.

The doc remembered me from my last visit several years ago.

He started talking and was telling me that it wasn’t good after seeing the blood work my primary doc had run.

He said my body was losing blood but don’t know why it was.

I haven’t had a period since 1997, I don’t have blood in my poop, I haven’t had any gastro surgeries that would relate, then he asked when my last colonoscopy was done.

It was a couple years ago and they found a few polyps and they removed them.

I have to do iron infusions for 3 months.

He wanted to see if we can get a colonoscopy done again but worried that since I just had one done that the insurance company wouldn’t approve it.

Once the iron infusions are over he wants to see how quit my body “loses” it again.

That would give him ALOT of answers we need.

yes… he mentioned the dreaded C word. Not something I wanted to hear, especially since I was essentially there alone (but with Dusty) and I try to keep my emotions in check.

He wouldn’t understand it at all.

So… this is the start of a new journey. One I’d rather not take but have to do.

They started running blood work yesterday and I wait for them to call me for the rest.

As for my truck… it had to be taken to the Chevy dealership because it was more than the other dealer could do.

My husband is driving the old farm truck to work while I have the loaner vehicle.

The farm truck is over 30 years old, has no heat, radio, dashboard is basically nonexistent, lol. But it runs so that is how he is getting to a from work. He is probably pissing alot of people off on the road because it drives like an old person. You can’t push it either. You have to let it get up to speed by itself. So he had to leave the house earlier than he normally would.

The loaner vehicle, the dealer tags on it expired Jan 2023!

Crazy! Hopefully they just didn’t put the right tag on it and it’s all good.

I have had the car since last Wednesday evening so if a cop ran the tags they didn’t pull us over.

So let’s hope and pray that both vehicles are good to us and when they diagnose the truck it’s not something we have to take a mortgage out on.

We have a warranty on it that is supposed to cover most things… most things but there are somethings that it obviously doesn’t cover. Fingers crossed cause damn it.

I always try and look things in a positive light but admittedly it is truly hard sometimes.

I don’t know if it is the dreaded C word yet but when you have the doctor who specializes in it mention it and tell me that is a possibility your mind definitely is fighting.

In the meantime I just have to fight the wandering mind.

So today I have started randomly cleaning things just to keep my mind from focusing on it too much.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

I will update as soon as I know more.

Bring on the good thoughts.

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