Seizing Halloween

Originally posted 2014-11-02 00:49:03.

On the last day of the EEG testing and it had gone so well…but wait, there is more.
So the technician was scheduled to be here around 9am so I wake Dusty up at 8:30am so that he could take his medications and be ready when he got here. He gets up, uses the bathroom, and then goes into the kitchen to get his cup of water to start to take his medications. I hear a splash of something. I ask him what that was, he paused, and then said his water. I then asked, how did you do that? He paused once again…then said, I was shaking. Maybe 10 seconds or so later I hear him hit the floor, door frame and the tv tray against the wall. I rush over to help him up. He was disoriented and visibly shaken. I help him up and over to the table to take his medications. Then again he starts to hit the floor but this time I had his arm so he didn’t quite hit the floor this go round. He was seizing repeatedly. I say lets go set you on the couch and I will help you take your medications.

I set him on the couch and then go grab my camera, memory card and battery. I start to set it up in order to record him. He isn’t having grand-mal seizures at this point just having smaller ones. I get the camera going and set up in a place with a good view of him so I am able to show the technician and be able to give this to his doctors later on. I get his medications and cup of water and start to assist him in taking them. As you can see in the video.
I apologize for my appearance in the video as it was a rough start and hadn’t had a chance to get myself together.

Now today so far I have only seen him have some in the bed, so far. Here’s to a Happy Halloween. We will just have to sit this one out.

But the day wasn’t over yet for me. The water pipe that leads to the house from the water meter in the front yard decided it wanted to spring a leak. So the rest of my day was spent dealing with Dusty and hunting down a plumber to come fix this asap since it was steady increasing my water bill by watering the street, sidewalk and the yard.

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