Originally posted 2018-06-28 18:19:05.

I know some of you are wondering what happened.

Well… my mama lost her fight with cancer. She had small cell lung cancer, one of the most aggressive I’m told.

Her kidneys started failing and no matter what they did they didn’t gain traction in the right direction.

I apologize as I just can’t tell the story just. Too soon.

But we just picked up the dogs from the kennel and fun….I already had to take them to the veterinarian’s office. Despite them having all required vaccines including kennel cough vaccine they ended up with something.

Have you ever tried to give a dog liquid Robitussin? Fun…

Below was something my stepfather said my momma would want me to have as it was passed down to her. This was my grandmother’s cameo.

My mother had pictures of my brother and me put in it years ago.

I ask for you time and understanding as I try to find my way back to life.

No one had time to process her being sick much less prepared for her passing. – Amy

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