The skeptic

Originally posted 2020-05-02 09:23:36.

I was the skeptic when it came to CBD products.

I have seen and heard it just like everyone else. People would swear by it. But, I just didn’t think it worked like that.

That was until my best friend used the cbd massage melt by Pure Romance.

She used it on her wrists, hands, shoulder, arms after driving 15 plus hours bringing a load of their belongings from Missouri.

After 15 minutes I asked her did it work. She was like YESS!

I was still a bit hesitant. Then finally I said, bump it and just tried it.

I waited … watched a little tv. Then about 15 minutes later something got my attention and I go, wait, I don’t feel the pain in my foot anymore.

OH SNAP! I couldn’t believe it.

So that night, when my leg started acting up like it does sometimes, I applied it to my leg, foot, and low back area. There are some nights I will toss and turn because of the aching in my my leg and foot.

I was able to sleep a hell of alot better that night.

So this skeptic is a skeptic no more!

My bff even took some out of the container and put it in a little container to take with her when she left to drive back to Missouri to get another load of their stuff.

So… I will admit that this CBD stuff does work. But I can only attest to this. I haven’t used other CBD items out there for sale.

I’m just glad this worked!!!

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