Not again

Being my next surgery is May 31st I just need a little break.

Now Saoirse needs to try and rest the “good” back leg since that leg takes the brunt of her weight in the back.

Now we have been questioning whether we should have went ahead and had that bad leg amputated in the beginning.

Is she going to be one of those dogs you see running over people’s feet with their wheelchair?

They are so cute but I don’t want to have to make her use one of those unless it is a last resort.

I won’t be able to list diddly squat after this next surgery.

My bladder has to be tacked, rectocele, and a couple others.

Yes, this is not the first time I have had the rectocele fixed.

Maybe if I put some Rapid Rewind on myself it will work as good as it does on my face LMAO

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