In my opinion, be true to yourself

Originally posted 2014-07-28 19:29:58.

I am not the judge or jury for anyone else’s actions. We all live by our own code and what you feel is right or wrong may not be what someone else feels. No matter laws or religion when the day comes that we have to answer to our actions no one else will be held accountable.

We have to believe in something and know that what we were taught is right in God’s eyes (or to others whoever you or what you believe in if it is a higher power). I may not personally believe in something but who am I to stand in the way of someone else to be happy. Some of us are dog people some are cat people but it doesn’t make us any less human to love one or the other. I have friends that are on both sides of the of the gay marriage issue and I choose to remain their friend. Not because I feel what they do is right or wrong …because I am their friend and choose not to be judge or jury over something I have no control of behind closed doors. I can speak on what I feel is right or wrong and can listen to another’s argument but neither one of us will be right or wrong.

As I have aged and gone through so many things I choose to believe in a higher power and not for reasons of being taught what to believe but because of what I have been through. James and I both have grown to not believe in organized religion based on our own experiences. For me one of those was being kicked out of a church because they thought Dusty had AIDS/HIV. I tried to explain to the pastor and the deacon that they were misinformed of his condition but it changed nothing. I didn’t react harshly and still remained respectful after their request. In all fairness even the doctor that diagnosed Dusty didn’t know what to do since he had never seen anyone like this before. I have been to all types of churches throughout my life and the lives of my children. We do not go to church like a lot of believers but we do have our beliefs and traditions. Such as prayer before sitting down to eat. I have religious items throughout my home and carry some in my purse.

In our lives we have experienced things that could not medically be explained. My own step-brother was given 3-6 months to live in 2003/2004 and is still living and breathing to this day. He had a MRI done around Thanksgiving and all of a sudden the tumor/cancer disappeared. It had been really aggressive and that was the cause of the short-term death sentence.

I have had people tell me that dating out of my race, having children out of my race, marrying out of my race is wrong, SAYS WHO? Now there are obviously certain things that cross the line for me like domestic violence and rape. I can’t say I hate those that have spoken out against my choices because everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. Me hating them for that would be the same as if I were to hate someone else for their own choices. Especially if their choices don’t directly affect my own life. If you chose to believe that monkeys were your ancestors then that is fine. Believe what you want to believe. As long as no one is forcing me to believe or making decisions for my life or the lives of my family based on your own beliefs.

There are people who eat pork and people who believe that we shouldn’t be eating pork. I have seen in some foreign Subway chains they are changing their menus based on the beliefs of one specific religion’s beliefs. Where I feel they are wrong is based on the fact that they served pork prior to this change. If they didn’t serve it in the beginning based on their own beliefs that is fine. I am sure there are people out there that would be ok with that. But to all of a sudden change their views to appease one group and not of your own choosing is not fair to the rest of us.

I will not change my beliefs just to appeal to someone else. My point is that people need to be true to themselves. In my lifetime of dating out of my race I have noticed a lot of people who start to date out of their race and change who they are just to appeal to others. Just because you listened to country and chose to date out of your race doesn’t mean anything. Hell, my husband is African-American and listens to some ”white folks music” I have never heard of. He isn’t your typical guy at all. But I think that’s what attracted me to him and vice-versa. I chose to be true to myself and remain ME.

I realize this was a rather ”off the subject” post but I just wanted to share a little bit of my own beliefs.
I may not believe in what someone else believes in but I will not stand in their way of happiness. As I hope they feel the same for me. I just want to live my life, to love who I love without someone telling me I was wrong and that I am now less of a person because of it.

Hope and pray each and everyone of you are being true to yourselves no matter what others believe. If they are not the ones making you happy then who are they to judge?
Have a Blessed Day.

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