Crazy dream

Originally posted 2020-04-07 09:09:44.

Well, hello there!

Hope you are having a safe Tuesday morning with all this craziness around us.

I had a crazy dream last night. In my dream it seemed as if we were still living in Marine Corps base housing and we were out for an evening walk.

It wasn’t late but the sun has already gone down. The streets were well lit so it wasn’t exactly dark. It was me, my son and my husband. It was like we were currently living there not years ago because we were the same as we are now and our daughter wasn’t with us.

As we were walking we noticed a bear. Now we live in eastern North Carolina so seeing a bear isn’t exactly unheard of but this wasn’t the same bear that frequents our area. This seemed like a grizzly bear and a big one at that.

When we all noticed it Dusty took off running. I don’t remember where my husband went to but I ran into what seemed to be an outdoor closet. The bear came after me.

I got in there and shut the doors. But, the bear somehow managed to get it’s huge paw through one of the doors and stick it through the doors. I was fighting to keep the door closed.

In my dream it seems as if I fell asleep in the closet. I woke later to no bear and walked outside. My husband and son were sitting across the parking area just waiting for me to come out… (at least that’s what I assumed they were doing).

I could hear myself whining in my sleep. I wasn’t awake but I could hear myself. Kind of weird.

Not sure what this was all about but it was definitely something different, lol.

What’s the last dream you remember having?

Stay safe and see you on the other side of all of this!

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