You funny doc

Originally posted 2021-03-24 09:23:59.

I go to my follow-up doctors appointment yesterday.

This was to get results of a bunch of tests that were run to see if I had a blood disorder that may explain why I keep having mini-strokes.

I had my ninth mini-stroke in February.

So, the doctor proceeds with the appointment and tells me all my tests came back negative.

YAY right?!

Which I’m glad because had I tested positive for one of the disorders he told me I wouldn’t be able to eat collards like I do. 😳 If you have been following me or know me you know I love me some collards.

I’m like that’s a plus but what could possibly explain why I keep having mini-strokes?

Wait for it…. You ready?

His response “bad luck” 


Lord have mercy somebody come get this dude 🤦‍♀️

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