What would you do?

Originally posted 2019-09-25 19:29:23.

Someone pulled on side of road next to my house while Dusty was outside with Saoirse. A friend that lives in our neighborhood, Elizabeth, called me as she passed them. 
The person walked up to Dusty. I run outside and tell Dusty to come here.
I ask him what the person said to him. He said the guy asked him if he wanted poop bags for the dog.

I know it may be innocent but this honestly kinda upset me knowing how Dusty is.

As well as knowing folks do shit nowadays to innocent people like Dusty just for the fun of it.

Dusty had an entire roll of poop bags in his hands. Dusty said he told the guy “he had some in the ziploc bag”

I am not sure why Dusty took them but damn it.
I don’t need Dusty to be the subject of the top news story talking about someone doing something to a special needs/autistic kid/adult kid. Rant over…

2 thoughts on “What would you do?”

  1. I’m so sorry for the inconsiderate man. Maybe he was trying to do right but you don’t do it with the media & don’t that to someone’s son. Prayers & God bless

    1. Yeah, I had given thought to him just giving him some poop bags just being nice. On the other hand I just wasn’t sure. Majority of the folks in our neighborhood can that he has special needs and alot of folks know he is autistic. Nowadays you just don’t know what someones intentions are and if they meant harm or not. I am just cautious because there have been folks to just do things just to be mean. Thanks for the prayers! God bless.

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