Twelve to Twenty-Four

I don’t know if I should chalk it up to stroke brain or just aging brain.

Either way it is something my dogs will likely never forget.

Our day started like any other… nothing special.

I had to take my Kia to the dealership for some maintenance so we needed to get up and get ready so James could pick me up from the dealer.

Had to be there at 8am but I was running a little behind.

My sinuses were messing with me, so I grabbed my Pure Romance heart massager. I warm it back up by putting it in a pot of water and let it barely boil for a few minutes just to warm it up.

I guess I looked at what time it was and didn’t think that I had to leave in a few minutes and wouldn’t be able to use the heart massager until I got back.

Nevertheless I still had it on the stove and boom, I’m out the door.

My husband didn’t know I had put it on the stove so he didn’t think to see if I had put anything on it.

I left before he did. Dusty rode with me.

I got to the dealership, did the normal check in but then found out two of the fours things I had scheduled to be done couldn’t be done on the weekend. So that had me a little upset because they could have told me this when the appointment was made.

We walked around outside for a few minutes til my husband got there.

He asked me if I was hungry, I told him I didn’t care.

So he took us to IHOP.

We got there, seated, ordered, got the drinks.

I think I was able to maybe get a few sips of coffee in before I got a mass of notifications on my phone.

I got notifications from our Vivint system and our Furbo.

I call my bff and tell her to please go check the house because of this.

She goes over, but she didn’t tell me everything lol.

But then again she knows me and knows exactly how my anxiety is where fire is concerned.

My husband gets up and heads home leaving me and Dusty there.

I honestly wouldn’t have been any help in that situation because someone would have to try and calm me down and possibly deal with Dusty because he would have likely seized.

While he was driving Vivint called my husband, they asked what he was driving so they could relay that to first responders.

Meanwhile I am sitting in IHOP trying my absolute best to stay calm.

I am pretty sure other patrons were saying this lady has lost her marbles.

Jess tells me there was something on the stove and at first I didn’t think the heart massager.

Then I was like BAM! It was my heart massager.

She could not tell what it was in the pot.

The fire department gets there and I don’t know what was said.

I didn’t remember the pot when I left the house.

The dogs were freaking out, obviously.

They gave them some Doggijuana.

Fire department put a fan in the house to try and get all the smoke out.

Jess put the pot outside and told me it was a goner lol.

The waitress at IHOP was so nice and was very comforting.

Dusty has a few seizures (nothing too big). I didn’t have his VNS magnet with me. Luckily the hospital was directly across the street from IHOP so if I needed to get him to the ER then it wasn’t far.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it sure as hell traumatized the dogs.

They will definitely react to any alarms lol. I guess that is a good thing.

After he got back to IHOP we left and got my car at the dealer.

I let Dusty ride with him home and I just balled all the way home.

All I could think of was that I could have killed my dogs.

By the time we went to bed it wasn’t even 12 hours after all this.

But it sure as well felt more like 24…

What was left of my heart massager and pot


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