Time to try a new therapy

Originally posted 2016-03-22 22:35:44.

For several weeks now I have been waiting on the insurance approvals for this device to be implanted in Dusty in order to hopefully achieve a reduction of his overall seizure activity. Whether it works or not remains to be seen but all the research and people who have used it show at least some chance of it helping. Just how much it helps is the question. Dusty already takes three different seizure medications and Ativan daily not to mention he takes Ativan as needed on top of the daily doses. The medications are pretty potent and expensive. We can’t take him off these current medications to try something else like the marijuana/cannibus extract or him ingesting it in some way shape or form. This device doesn’t counteract with any of his current medications. Like any surgery there are always risks involved no matter how minimally invasive. There are risks just walking out the door each day, there are risks in just going to the bathroom yet each risk comes with what we know as a benefit we see worth it or not. In Dusty’s case, well…we have exhausted the medications available and as I already said the marijuana option just isn’t quite right for him at this point. I have had to weigh the pros and cons of doing this. After multiple EEG’s Dusty’s seizures haven’t shown signs of any improvement with his current medications nor any of the combinations.

This therapy may not be for everyone but the pros sure out way the cons for Dusty and his health, body and mind. Any reduction in his activity is a plus. Maybe with this there is a chance of getting rid of at least one of the medicines if not then if it helps at all then we will be glad it worked. Either way we made a conscious decision on something that had minimal negatives and more positives.
We have a follow up appointment with the vascular surgeon who implanted the device in a week and then a few days after that we see his neurologist for the turning on of the device and them setting it up. The doctors control the device settings based on the patients seizure activity levels. So we are hopeful!
If you know anyone who have this device we would love some feedback from others personal experiences.


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