There’s a leak

These past few weeks have been crazy.

Since getting out of the hospital I have been on a scheduled medication every four hours.

I have been waiting for an appointment the see the surgeon (again).

Not only the neurosurgeon but the surgeon that will be doing the ankle replacement.

That appointment had to get postponed since the other issue showed up recently.

I imagine that I will end up having to have another spinal fusion to fix my current issue but not 100 percent sure that will be what the doc wants to do but we will see.

I just know that according to the docs my spine is currently unstable and appears to be like my spine was 20 years ago when I needed my first spinal fusion.

It is also sitting on a nerve that is affecting my hip, groin, etc.

I have had to pause massage therapy too, which sucks because I need it, often!

I know that it is in my best interest to pause it I just hate I have to.

Then…. last night as I am running the dishwasher… I see a leak…

How do you even make a title of this?

I guess when you have a slippage and lack the disc I tend to wonder what happens to the disc?

Like is it just absorbed by your body?

I’m telling you these scents will change your life LOL This waitress one weekend put some on her while she was working and less than 30 minutes later came back to me telling me the guy she was waiting on came back and gave her an extra $20 tip!

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