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Originally posted 2021-12-16 13:25:26.

My last post spoke about me being told I needed to have a fusion asap.

After the MRI and nerve conduction study I went back to the the orthopedist for a follow up.

Well… he left me so confused.

He didn’t see the fusion as urgent anymore and then said I needed a carpal tunnel release surgery.

I left there so freaking confused.

I immediately contacted my pain management docs expressing my confusion.

They told me after seeing him for that follow up to contact them and let them know what he said.

The ortho docs complete flip on his diagnosis was mind blowing to me!

I mean he told me just the week before that I was risking losing the ability to use my right arm if I didn’t get a fusion asap!

To now saying that is no longer an issue and now I needed a carpal tunnel surgery.

Someone help me understand this!

So now my pain management docs have received all the docs notes and results and have gone over it.

I have an appointment tomorrow to speak with them about this and to see what they think at this point.

They both saw the MRI and agreed with the ortho docs original diagnosis.

SO… now I’m just waiting to see what will happen.

At this point I agreed to have the carpal tunnel surgery but nothing has been scheduled.

I still have my tear duct surgery on the schedule (thanks covid it being scheduled out so far)

Now… the fusion is still pending. The ortho no longer felt the need to send a referral to neurosurgeon.

My pain management docs have stated that if they felt it was urgent they would do the referral themselves.

I’m so flipping confused.

I still have decreased strength in my right arm, all the way up to my shoulder. If my spine was the issue and that’s why I have decreased strength then why not still send me?

Meanwhile I use more of my cbd muscle rub LOL

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