When you keep forgetting

Originally posted 2019-04-15 16:33:56.

I feel like this post should have Michael McDonald’s song I Keep Forgetting as my theme song.

My husband kept bugging me about forgetting my meds. So… time to get serious.

On a side note my A1C, from 5.5 to 6.1 – and the scale accompanied by 4. My diabetes doc still considers me as a controlled diabetic.

Oh well… ‍

I have not been taking the prevagen like I should have so not even sure if it helped me or not. Do you know of anyone that has taken them as well?

I have an appointment with my pcm doc to see about hyperbaric oxygen therapy .

I sent her a message asking her if I was eligible since our local hospital has a chamber. But…. she said for stroke patients they send them out to either Duke or UNC hospitals. The one here only does it for wound care. Kinda like diabetics that have wounds that won’t heal I suppose.

My daughter is moving… AGAIN and we should be starting the next chapter in the hurricane florence home repair soon. Ughh. At least we have a new roof.

Remember to smile

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