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She’s so picky

Originally posted 2022-03-11 15:54:50.

Saoirse is such a picky eater, much less a picky dog in general.

Must be from her being hit by a car in her young development. Or maybe it’s just Saoirse.

There are times when she sniffs her food and walks away then the next day she’s eating some of it.

Maybe she’s in pain and not hungry. Maybe she doesn’t particularly like the food we purchased. I don’t know but we try to make sure she has food that is enjoyable as well as nutritional not just food with a bunch of fillers.

We do not give our puppers tablescraps. We don’t give them “human food” like that.

Now we do occasionally give them things like cucumbers, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, etc.

We add frozen cut green beans to their food every day.

Saoirse normally gets 4 green beans because we don’t know if she’ll eat them that day or not. There are some days she either leaves them in the bowl or on the floor.

Well today we tried something different.

And I’m happy to report….SHE LIKED EVERY KIBBLE!

This food has no fillers, artificials, or preservatives.

Which is awesome because she is selective with what she eats. (Except that time she caught a rabbit in the bad yard).

I tried both Chicken and Salmon on her and she ate both.

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