Originally posted 2022-05-15 12:45:49.

If you read the post about Saoirse and the new food she tried, you know how picky she is.

Well now we tried what is called a topper.

It’s just something you sprinkle over the dog food to give them a little bit “extra”

This is the description and I have to say… Saoirse is picky and this is definitely a winner!

We tried the chicken topper.

“Enhance meal time with our Chicken On Top Topper. Our all natural, savory recipe featuring cage-free chicken is freeze-dried for optimal flavor, giving even the pickiest pup an irresistible flavor-meets-protein boost that makes every meal the best they’ve ever had.”

She took the piece that I ripped off the bag (after opening it) and ran with it lol.

It’s funny because she was just dancing waiting for us to give her the dog food bowl after watching me pour some over her food.

As you can here my special needs son talking to his dog who is the one making the noise lol.

I am not sure what makes this one so different than other “toppers” we have tried but never seen her react to them like this lol.

So if your pup is as picky as Saoirse, try one!

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