Second Infusion

Had my second infusion this morning.

I figured I would be ok to drive myself afterwards so I didn’t ask anyone for help.

Wellllll…. maybe I should have.

The infusion went without a hitch.

Only issue was there was someone doing maintenance in the building and the guy was doing something to the bathroom ceiling and when he did he created sheetrock dust.

That sheetrock dust went all over the toilet, toiletpaper, etc.

I didn’t even notice it before I sat down the pee and once the stream was going I noticed all the dust and I was like SHIT!

It was all over the toilet paper!

I had it on my buttcheeks too lol!

Had to unroll a bunch of toilet paper and throw it away to hopefully not end up with any of it on my nether regions.

Left there and stopped by Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee and donuts since I didn’t let Dusty eat anything before we left this morning.

He didn’t want to wake up this morning and there wasn’t enough time for him to eat anything.

Got the coffee and donuts and started heading home.

Once I was on the bypass I was driving and all of a sudden I kind of blacked out for a second.

Once I realized I quickly got back into my lane. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone next to me.

I needed to pickup medications but chose not to and wanted to just try and get home.

I know last infusion the day after I was exhausted.

One nurse told me it can happen and people can have alot of different reactions.

I am just going to give myself chill time best I can today and tomorrow and hopefully be all good for the weekend because I have a vendor event this weekend.

I just hope these infusions work and that is all I need but won’t know until I see the doc again.

He ran other blood tests that I don’t know the results for.

The iron infusions take time and your body has to adjust to them.

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