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Originally posted 2022-01-31 09:00:25.

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So I saw the oculoplastic surgeon that performed my tear duct bypass.

The swelling in my face and around my eye was minimal compared to the first few days.

It’s like I did a stay at home/DIY ballooning of my sinuses 🤣.

My momma had the balloon thing done a couple of times to her sinuses since she had chronic sinus issues.

I haven’t had that done,yet.

I wonder if all this is hereditary 🤔

Anyway, the surgeon isn’t worried.

Which was startling to me since my face blew up with one attempt at blowing my nose.

He said he understood my concerns.

He said the air when I blew my nose took the “path of least resistance”. I guess the spot where it went into my sinus cavity wasn’t scarred over enough and went that way instead of out of my nose.

Weird thing is, he said this “may or may not happen again.” 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was like “say again?”

This is what it looks like as of this morning.

Not bad considering how it did look.

It’s getting better though.

I have just been a bit reluctant to try to blow my nose again like I did that day 😅

They won’t take the stent out until June.

The stent runs from my tear duct via top eyelid through the bottom and down my nose.

I had to do black and white to really see it

I tried to find a better picture to show it but failed, lol. This is about the best I found to really show how it’s in there. It’s a small silicone tube. It goes down the inside of my nose but this pic shows how it’s in my eye and going to nose.

The stitches are supposed to dissolve eventually.

There are these in outside and some in the inside. Plus some holding the stent in place.

Those I believe will come out when he takes the stent out hopefully in June.

For now I just feel like there’s something in my eye and nose I can’t get out.

Now… it’s back to my normal routine.

Which by the way is trying to get this neck crap figured out.

I am scheduled for an injection in my spine via my neck. My pain management doc has referred me to another orthopedic doc and my carpal tunnel surgery is being put on hold until I get a second opinion. Well this would be more like a 4th opinion but 2nd from an orthopedic doc.

See y’all on the flipside!


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