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Originally posted 2014-03-23 01:43:32.

I realize I am a mother and the parent tends to be somewhat biased when it comes to certain things. Today isn’t one of those days. My beautiful, intelligent,  compassionate daughter….. all she wants to do is care for people.
Yes she can be a bitch.  But come on what female do you know who is never been a bitch.  Sorry but we can all be that way at times. Furthermore I know she came from me and I admit I am not all there. In my own defense,  in some aspects I have a right to be at times.
Well let me explain today’s events.
We were scheduled at the college for a little meet and greet and some informative sessions.  Well my daughter has wanted to be a doctor for years now. Either that or some type of job in Special Olympics D.C. headquarters/ NC Headquarters. If anyone deserves to go to college its her. She has sacrificed so much for Dusty and I all her life. When I broke my spine she stepped up and started doing the stuff I couldn’t do at the age of 7.

It sickens me just how bad I feel that we cannot afford to pay the difference after the merit scholarship and fasfa. I refuse for her to start out freshman year with loans. She has at the least ten years of college…. the least.  Of course she has residency but she if I have to shoot the real life “Indecent proposal” with the ugliest of men then so be it (To note: My husband would disagree to this just as much if not more than Woody did). It breaks my heart.  The amount of pure crap we have endured and for her not to be able to go to college because we aren’t poor enough or rich enough. Hell, her tuition is more than what my husband made last year. He has his GI/POST 911 BILL but because of bureaucratic B.S. I am not sure if he can transfer it to her or not. He served his country  and was honorably discharged so why not let his daughter use it so she is a productive member of society, paying her taxes and one day I know after I am dead and gone she will take care of her brother.
I want this so bad for her. Yet there are people that get more money and are able to piss it away.

We never take what we have been given in this life for granted because they could have easily not have been here to enjoy. As parents we fight for what we believe is the right thing to do. Somehow, someway, she will succeed.

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