My Ketamine Experience

Originally posted 2022-02-02 09:13:00.

My day started like a normal day…

The dogs waking me up at zero dark thirty harmonizing their barks and howls creating what they thought was the next top ten song on the charts…

I was instructed to make sure I hydrated in order for them them to find my veins easily lol.

Plus I don’t want my veins collapsing in the process, lol. I have had them do that numerous times over the years. They would have the needle in but my vein rolls and BAM… it’s lost. So they would do it over and over again trying to find it. Eventually they would have someone else come in to find the vein again or another one they could use.

I tried to prep my day as best as possible knowing I may be extremely sleepy when I get home. I needed to make sure Dusty would be able to do what he had to do with minimal supervision.

Do I worry that he would walk out and go across the street to my bff’s house? Yes, but I am thankful she’s there.

I planned on sending her to get dinner while I am getting the infusion done.

There is a guy who was on a Netflix BBQ show that has his own food truck and is based out of our area now.

We haven’t had the chance to try his food. Every time we want to he ends up selling out lol.

OK… the morning after report.

I arrived like any other appointment of mine, a little early as I don’t like to be late to appointments.

My bff was allowed in with me. We went to the room where they have comfortable seats, relaxed lighting and a tv.

I guess most people might not need the tv, lol

A provider and a medic were required to be on site.

They started my IV. Started in my forearm but ended up in my left hand as my vein didn’t want to cooperate.

Got it running and now we just waited.

Since it was going a little slow the provider started squeezing the fluid to get them flowing a little faster.

I waited… and waited to feel anything. Then all of a sudden BAM!

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