The saga continues…

Originally posted 2022-04-06 14:06:15.

Ok so I know it has been a few weeks, ok more than a few, since I updated what’s going on.

I figured posting posts that really don’t have anything new was pointless.

Today I finally saw the cranial surgeon for the second time but with all records in attendance. The last time I saw him he didn’t have all the test, reports needed to fully analyze what is going on.

I am actually needing a neck fusion AND have carpal tunnel syndrome.

The carpal tunnel isn’t really a nuisance so I am forgoing any treatment until it becomes a time where I really am needing something done.

For now he sent over a referral for physical therapy more or less to make the insurance company happy.

Not that it won’t help at all but he stated it won’t do anything for he area and the only way to fix what is wrong is a fusion.

It would involve fusing two discs in my neck involving C-5,C-6,C-7.

So for now it is a waiting game (again) for the referral to physical therapy and then see the surgeon again in four weeks.

At that point he gets an update on the progress with physical therapy and then we set up the fusion date.


Eventually I will have a scar up and down my back.

Next would probably be thoracic area of my spine since there are two discs in question there and then two in the lower part of my spine that are basically nonexistent (words of my doc lol).

As I have said before I can still feel pain and can walk so that’s a plus.

Now as far as my hand, well we are still waiting for the doc that would be the “second opinion” to call me back and set up an appointment. My pain management doc has even reached out to their office to let them know the deal.

This way we know just how bad or not bad my hand/wrist is. If the doc tells me something different that I need to have surgery on it sooner rather than later then we will address that then.

It’s like that doctor’s office feels like I am doctor shopping for pain medication and that’s not even the case. They would like to have a specialist address the situation.

Hopefully I will have seen the physical therapist by next week if I am supposed to have gotten a few weeks under my belt with the cervical physical therapy.

I just had my second cervical epidural on Monday and it has helped very little but nothing to really help the overall situation.

It is more for the pressure but fixing it that won’t do. I will update as so as we get anymore “worthy” information.

The more the merrier I guess.

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