In awe…

Originally posted 2020-04-12 08:00:10.

Have you ever just looked at your spouse and just for a few seconds was in somewhat of a trance?

Not because they were doing anything in particular, just because.

Just because they are who they are.

I sat here yesterday after we got back home just looking at my husband.

After losing my mom, my bio father, my nephews he’s thankfully still here.

I’m just in awe…

Is our relationship perfect. No. If anyone tells you they have a perfect relationship they are either lying or being deceived.

But with all that our relationship has been through we are still together.

There are days my self confidence is in the dirt and I feel I could lose him to someone better than I. Then there are days when I feel like I have him wrapped around my finger.

I have been craving burger dip from a place over an hour away from us. With all the quarantine mess going on we have barely gone outside our town much less anywhere else. Aside from my husband having to go to work.

He took me to the place to get some yesterday. I drove because I wanted to drive my car I got for Christmas. It’s such a comfortable ride.

Anyway, we did whatever I wanted to do. He fell asleep on the way back home.

There are times where he’s riden his motorcycle in the rain to meet me somewhere just because I wanted to go.

I am just in awe of the love we have even if it’s not perfect. Even if there are times he’s being an asshole. He provides for us and even more. He spoils me.

Not with glamour and glitz but just simply being a provider, a partner, a lover, and friend. We work together as a team. Granted since my momma passed away he’s given more than I.

I just sat there looking at him as we watched tv.

Looking at him in awe.

He’s tried to pull me out of a hole I’ve admittedly been in since my momma.

I am just in awe of the man he’s become. One who my momma approved of and as my husband says, “Her favorite“. I tell him yeah, because you were the only son-in-law, lol.

So, have you ever just looked at your partner, spouse,husband, wife and been in awe?

In awe of the person they’ve become?

In awe of the things they do for you?

In awe of the way they provide for you and your family? In awe of the love they have for you. In awe of simply being who they are.

I am so thankful I have him by my side.

I am thankful for all that we have will have struggles and all.

I am in awe…

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